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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As you are aware the Local Union’s election has just been completed for the five year term commencing January 1st, 2010.  May I take this opportunity on behalf of myself and the newly elected Executive Board of Local 230 to express our most sincere thanks for the overwhelming support given to us. The solid majority is one we will not take lightly nor can the Employers.

Following is the new Executive Board effective January 1st, 2010:
  • Randy Doner, President
  • Steve Clancy, Vice-President
  • Domenic Colangelo, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Dennis Brown, Recording Secretary
  • Pat Noel, Trustee
  • Loris Brusut, Trustee
  • John Muraca, Trustee
We have been trying to change the Local for the better and I promise we will continue to do so. As you know the Ready Mix contracts are up in 2011 and we will start to prepare next year for that. We have many challenges to deal with such as drug testing in the workplace. Which arbitration boards are starting to support and have issued many decisions to that effect. The down turn in the economy is also a concern however; it looks like we are coming out of it.  Organizing is going to be a priority to us going forward.

Once again thank you for your support.

Fraternally yours,
Randy Doner,

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